Heavy weight fabrics (200g/m2 or more)

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  • 3d hex mesh

    Polyester 3D mesh commonly found on various running backpacks. For shoulder straps or any other applications where good ventilation is needed. Weight: 405 GSM Thickness: ~2mm Color: Black Width: 140cm Price per meter. Also available as as small piece: Here. … Read More
  • 3D spacer mesh fabric 3mm

    3D spacer mesh fabric thickness about 3mm. Ideal for backpack straps. Price per meter. Width: 150cm Weight: 350-360gsm Color: black (photos are a bit overexposed) This item is quite bulky and heavy which quickly adds to shipping cost. If you … Read More
  • 40D Double sided TPU Ripstop

    40D Nylon ripstop with double sided TPU coating. Made for inflatable products. Two sided TPU Coating 200 GSM Color: Grey Usable width: 147cm Price per meter.
  • 500D cordura PU

    500D genuine Cordura nylon fabric PU coated. Color: Black Usable width: 150cm Weight: 215 gsm
  • 500D PU Nylon Pencott® GreenZone

    500D nylon in Pencott® GreenZone camouflage pattern. DWR+PU Coated Weight: 240gsm Usable width: 151cm This is factory 2nds. Fabric quality and coating is ok but the print is not 100% accurate (still a pretty good match) and is therefore sold … Read More
  • 600D Polyester Ripstop Fabric

    600D Polyester Ripstop Fabric for backpacks One side PU Coating Water repellent 271GSM Usable width:  147cm Color Black Price per meter.
  • 70D Nylon TPU

    70D Nylon fabric in plain weave with thick TPU coating (double the thickness of our 70D TPU ripstop). Made for inflatable products. One side TPU Coating 260 GSM Color: Dark blue Usable width: 149cm Price per meter.
  • Heavy duty mesh fabric

    Very strong and durable 100% polyester mesh fabric. Weight: 350 GSM Usable width: 153cm Color: black Price per meter.
  • Liteskin® LS42

    Liteskin® LS42 laminate, suitable for backpacks. Non-Woven Polyester with pigmented polyester resin face fabric + 420D white polyester backing Color: Black Heather 234 g/m² Width: 139cm Price per meter.
  • PVC Coated Polyester Mesh

    PVC coated polyester mesh is suitable for a variety of outdoor products. Can be used for shoulder straps or other parts of the backpack where air venting is needed. Weight: 380 GSM Color: Black Width: 119cm Price per meter. Also … Read More
  • TPU film 0.25mm

    TPU clear film suitable for windows etc. Works well with smartphone touch screens. TPU films are more durable, UV resistant and softer than classic PVC films. Thickness: 0.25mm Weight: 307 gsm Width: 100cm Please note this item will be folded … Read More
  • X-PAC™ VX21

    X-Pac™ VX21 Laminated fabric For lightweight backpacks 210D nylon face+ polyester X-PLY® + 0.25 mil PET film +  50D white polyester backing Black / Port / Olive green 204 g/m² Width depends on the color: Black, Olive Green are 150cm … Read More
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  • 420D Ripstop Nylon PU

    420D Ripstop nylon fabric with PU coating and DWR finish. Suitable for durable backpacks and reinforcements. Black, Red, Blue colors available 190 g/m2 Usable width: 155cm Price per meter.
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  • Fabric sample

    If you would like to receive fabric sample please write down a comment when ordering which fabric would you like to check.