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    Thin edge binding elastic 21mm

    High quality edge binding elastic webbing. Thin and has a good feel against the skin. suitable for clothing. Weight: 3,5g/m Width: 21mm Color: Black If you are looking for strong elastic webbing for backpacks check this product.  
  • New!

    Sewable cord anchor

    Sewable LineLoc3 cord anchor suitable for 3mm cords. Weight: 0,7g
  • New!

    Nylon webbing coyote brown 19mm

    Nylon Webbing in coyote brown color made with military standards. IR reflective finish. Width: 19mm Weight: 16 g/m Thickness: 1.2mm Price per meter.
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    15mm side release buckle with whistle

    High quality 15mm side release buckle with whistle, suitable for sternum straps etc. Whistle is removable. Weight 6g.
  • Seam tape lightweight 15mm

    Seam tape made especially for ultralight garments. With only 1,8 g/m will keep the finished weight down to minimum. Can be applied with domestic iron. Check the heat setting on some scrap fabric! Width: 15mm Price per meter.
  • 6D waterproof/breathable 3 layer fabric

    Top of the line 3 Layer WPB fabric (waterproof/breathable). 6D nylon 6.6 outer layer with 30D ripstop reinforcement yarn, very breathable hydrophilic membrane and 7D tricot lining. With only 51 GSM it’s one of the lightest 3 layer WPB fabrics … Read More
  • 7x4D downproof nylon fabric

    Top of the line ultralight downproof fabric. 7D yarn in warp direction and 4D +20D ripstop strands in weft direction. With only 18 GSM it’s one of the lightest downproof fabrics available on the market today. Tear resistance is comparable … Read More
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    Climashield Apex leftovers

    Leftovers with discount. Climashield insulation is strong enough to be sewn together (eg. when making quilt with different weight filling for legs/torso). All items are considered 1st quality unless otherwise specified. Please note it’s normal for this insulation to have … Read More
    From: 3,25
  • 400D Oxford Nylon PU coated

    400D oxford nylon fabric with PU coating. Great price / performance value! Used by a famous brand (leftover stock). PFC free DWR. HH: 1000mm Available colors: Dark red/greyish blue Weight: 190gsm Usable width:152cm
    From: 7,90
  • Cord lock with snaphook

    Classic cord lock with a snap-hook. The same size as our classic cord lock (large). Weight: 3,6g
  • Dyneema gridstop tpu laminate

    200D nylon fabric with branded Dyneema® ripstop. Thin TPU film lamination makes it very waterproof. Great for ultralight gear. Usable width: 148cm Weight: ~130gsm Hydrostatic pressure: ~8000mm Ripstop size: about 6mm Colors: black/lime green Price per meter. If you want … Read More
    From: 26,90
  • 400D Velocity Nylon PU coated

    400D velocity nylon fabric with PU coating. Great price / performance value! Used by a famous brand (leftover stock). PFC free DWR. HH: 1000mm Available colors: Water blue/ Dark grey Weight: 200gsm Usable width: 152cm
    From: 8,40
  • Classic tension lock

    High quality tension lock, classic design. 12mm (0,9g) 15mm (1,8g) 20mm (3,7g) 25mm (4,1g)
    From: 0,44
  • Aluminium/acetal g-hook with cam 20mm

    This aluminium/acetal hybrid webbing hook buckle has a similar design as our alu webbing hook buckle but with a cam to lock the webbing securely in place. Very good weight/strength ratio! Suitable for 20mm webbing 9,8g
  • Plastic 20mm webbing hook

    Webbing hook with plastic gate suitable for 20mm webbing. Weight: 4,7g
  • Triangle ring

    Plastic triangle ring. 10mm (0,3g) 15mm (0,9g) 20mm (1,9g) 25mm (2,2g) 38mm (4,6g)
    From: 0,22
  • Double sided alu/acetal hook 20mm

    Double sided hook alu/acetal hybrid. Suitable for 20 mm webbing Weight: 6,1g
  • 20mm aluminium g-hook

    20mm aluminium g-hook buckle Weight: 5,5g
  • Lightweight buckle dual adjustable

    Lightweight dual adjustable side release buckle of high quality, suitable for lightweight backpacks. 10mm (1,9g) 20mm (5,1g) 25mm (8,5g) 38mm (15,8g)
    From: 0,74
  • Micro whistle

    Bright neon orange micro whistle (color in photo differs from actual color- it is much brighter than it appears on the photo) 1,4g Cord sold separately
  • Webbing loop

    High quality webbing loop. 20mm (1,6g) 25mm (1,9g) 38mm (3g) 50mm (4,9g)
    From: 0,29
  • Triglide

    High quality plastic triglide. 10mm (0,8g) 15mm (0,9g) 20mm (1,6g) 25mm (2,2g) 38mm (5,5g) 50mm (7,1g)
    From: 0,29
  • Lightweight buckle

    Side release buckle of high quality, suitable for backpacks. 10mm (1,6g) 15mm (2,6g) 20mm (4,5g) 25mm (7,2g) 38mm (13,7g)
    From: 0,69
  • Sew-on webbing attachment point 25mm

    Webbing attachment point for backpacks. Fits 25mm webbing. 2-slot (5,2g) 4-slot (3,9g)
    From: 0,89
  • Soft Mesh

    Lightweight polyester mesh for backpack pockets. Quite stretchy in all directions. If you need a more durable mesh we recommend our heavier one instead. 100gsm Width: 152 cm Available after 17.8.2020
  • Durable Soft Mesh

    This polyester mesh is very durable for its weight. Also quite stretchy in all directions. Perfect choice for backpack pockets if you prefer 100% polyester mesh over spandex one. 140gsm Width: 152 cm Color: black Available after 17.8.2020
  • 3d hex mesh

    Polyester 3D mesh commonly found on various running backpacks. For shoulder straps or any other applications where good ventilation is needed. Weight: 405 GSM Thickness: ~2mm Color: Black Width: 140cm Price per meter. Also available as as small piece: Here. … Read More
  • PVC Coated Polyester Mesh

    PVC coated polyester mesh is suitable for a variety of outdoor products. Can be used for shoulder straps or other parts of the backpack where air venting is needed. Weight: 380 GSM Color: Black Width: 119cm Price per meter. Also … Read More
  • 20D Nylon Ripstop TPU coated Fabric

    20D fabric made for ultralight inflatables such as sleeping pads, air pillows etc. Can be used for other applications where high level of waterproofness is needed. TPU Coating on one side 110 GSM Color: Blue Width: 147cm Price per meter.
  • TPU Valve

    High quality one way TPU Valve for inflatables that can be fully opened when deflating. Straps can be attached for easier opening. Weight: 13g Material (compatibility): TPU