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    420D reflective fabric

    420D nylon fabric with reflective stripes. 150cm usable width 160 gsm thin pu coating to prevent fraying Price per meter. Also available in small 50x73cm pieces here.
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    70D nylon PU

    70D nylon fabric with a thin PU coating. Very suitable for lightweight gear or backpack lining fabric. 90 gsm 152cm usable width color grey Price per meter.
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    210D ripstop nylon PU

    210D ripstop nylon in diamond pattern. Great for lightweight backpacks or tarp reinforcements. 140gsm 152cm usable width Black color Thin PU Coating Price per meter.
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    420D Ripstop Nylon PU

    420D Ripstop nylon fabric with PU coating and DWR finish. Suitable for durable backpacks and reinforcements. Black, Red, Blue colors available 190 g/m2 Usable width: 155cm Price per meter.
    From: 11,90
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    Dual adjustable M/F buckle

    This buckle has both male and female part in one. Ensuring male/female compatibility where one buckle has several connection possibilities. Attention: Price is for half of the buckle only! Webbing: 25mm Weight (pair) : 14,6g Breaking strength: 90kg
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    Sternum T hook

    Angled T-bar suitable for sternum straps and other similar applications. Available in 15mm and 25mm webbing slots. Weight: 1,2g / 1,7g
    From: 0,35
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    500D cordura PU

    500D genuine Cordura nylon fabric PU coated. Color: Black Usable width: 150cm Weight: 215 gsm
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    Round cord pull

    Cord pull wiich is easy to grab with a good grip. Made out of TPE Suitable for cords up to 3mm Weight 1g
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    7D ripstop fabric soft

    This 7D ripstop fabric is more breathable and has more pleasant feel against the skin than any of our other ultralight fabrics. As such is especially suitable for inner fabric of ultralight synthetic sleeping bags, quilts, insulated clothing, inner tent … Read More
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    10D ripstop fabric

    Best qualtiy 10D nylon fabric that was made to our desired specs. In comparison to our 10D taffeta fabric, this one has a better tear strength due to ripstop weave but it is also a little heavier. We also opted … Read More
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    75D Polyester ripstop fabric XL

    This 75D Polyester diamond ripstop fabric is extra wide, usable width of 190cm! It has a digital print on one side, the other side is white. Weight: 70 gsm Great choice for wide comfortable hammocks!   If you are looking … Read More
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    Cord Slide Lock

    Lightweight and versatile guy line tensioner. Similar to our string tension lock. Compatible with cords of about 1,5mm and up to about 3mm. Can be attached to 10mm webbing or cord Weight: 1,8g    
  • 40D double ripstop nylon 6.6

    40D double ripstop nylon 6.6 (high tenacity). Color: Olive green Weight: 56-59gsm Usable width: 157cm   Good weight/durability ratio. This fabric is great for hammocks or durable synthetic sleeping bags/quilts.  
  • Magnetic hydration tube holder

    High quality magnetic hydration tube holder. Strong magnets. Compatible with 20mm webing. Weight:13,2g
  • One way TPU valve

    This is one way valve intended for waterproof compression sacks etc. It also has a lock feature to stop the airflow in both directions. TPU compatible.    
  • Slotted button 10mm

    High quality webbing button made out of TPE. Suitable for 10mm webbing. Color: Black Weight: 2g
  • Slider non locking for #8 zipper

    Non locking slider for size #8 zipper by the meter. Also available in coyote brown color.  
  • zipper #8

    Size #8 zipper by the meter. Good quality. Price is for 1m will be cut continuous if ordered more than 1m No sliders included. If you need compatible sliders check here. EU made.
  • Thicker polyamide webbing 10/20mm

    Very strong polyamide webbing. Thicker than our other 10mm webbing. Works well with buckles. Width: 10mm or 20mm Thickness: ~1,25mm Weight: 7g/m or 14g/m Price per meter.
    From: 0,69
  • Two sided KAM snap

    Double sided (stackable) Kam snaps. To use this you also need a compatible die and a tool 50 pcs (50male + 50 female). Please note that snaps are packaged by weight so actual quantity might vary for +/- 2 pcs. … Read More
  • Universal sewing machine needles assorted 5 pack

    Universal sewing machine needles assorted 5 pack

    Fits most household sewing machines with a flat shank (130/705H). This universal needle set is useful for most projects. Includes: 1×70 2×80 1×90 1×100    
  • X-Pac™ V07

    X-Pac™ V07 Laminated fabric For light weight backpacks. This is the same fabric as VX07 but without the X pattern. 70D nylon face + 0.25 mil PET film + 50D white polyester backing Black color 160 g/m² Width: 140cm Price … Read More
  • Thin edge binding elastic 21mm

    High quality edge binding elastic webbing. Thin and has a good feel against the skin. suitable for clothing. Weight: 3,5g/m Width: 21mm Color: Black If you are looking for strong elastic webbing for backpacks check this product.  
  • Sewable cord anchor

    Sewable LineLoc3 cord anchor suitable for 3mm cords. Weight: 0,7g
  • Nylon webbing coyote brown 19mm

    Nylon Webbing in coyote brown color made with military standards. IR reflective finish. Width: 19mm Weight: 16 g/m Thickness: 1.2mm Price per meter.
  • 15mm side release buckle with whistle

    High quality 15mm side release buckle with whistle, suitable for sternum straps etc. Whistle is removable. Weight 6g.
  • Pronged stud die for KAM snap pliers

    You need this die to install two sided KAM snaps. Compatible with our KAM snap tool.
  • Seam tape lightweight 15mm

    Seam tape made especially for ultralight garments. With only 1,8 g/m will keep the finished weight down to minimum. Can be applied with domestic iron. Check the heat setting on some scrap fabric! Width: 15mm Price per meter.
  • 7x4D downproof nylon fabric

    Top of the line ultralight downproof fabric. 7D yarn in warp direction and 4D +20D ripstop strands in weft direction. With only 18 GSM it’s one of the lightest downproof fabrics available on the market today. Tear resistance is comparable … Read More
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    Climashield Apex leftovers

    Leftovers with discount. Climashield insulation is strong enough to be sewn together (eg. when making quilt with different weight filling for legs/torso). All items are considered 1st quality unless otherwise specified. Those leftovers are usually from the end of the … Read More
    From: 3,50