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    2.1 mm Dyneema with polyester cover

    Best quality polyester cord with Dyneema core. Great for tent, tarp guylines Thickness 2.1mm Dyneema® SK78 core 32 Plait polyester cover High strength with low extension Improved longevity Hard wearing cover Black or Neon color 3g/m
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    3mm polyester cord

    3mm polyester cord 16 plait high quality black sheath with white core 6 g/m
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    4mm polyester cord

    8 plait polyester cord in black color. 9g/m
  • 50/75D Polyester Pencott® GreenZone

    50/75D Polyester in Pencott® GreenZone camouflage pattern. DWR+ IRR Suitable for garments and quilts, soft touch,very breathable. Not downproof. Weight: ~80gsm Usable width: 157cm Price per meter.
  • 20D micro ripstop nylon

    Good quality breathable micro-ripstop nylon. -Downproof+DWR -Usable width: 148-149cm -Weight: 39g/m^2 -Color: steel grey
  • 70D ripstop nylon

    Uncoated, very breathable 70D ripstop nylon. DWR finish. Suitable for hammocks etc. Weight: 70 gsm Width: 150cm Color: Black   If you are looking PU coated Waterproof 70D ripstop nylon then check our fabric here.
  • Micro aluminium carabiner

    Good quality accessory carabiner! Wire gate Anodized Small size: 40x24mm Very lightweight at 3g 20kg+ 1 piece = 1,9€ 6 pack = 1,65€ (contact us for discount) Not for climbing…
  • Mini plastic wiregate carabiner

    Mini plastic accesorry carabiner, great attachment point for your gear. According to our tests it holds 20kg+ static load 56x35mm 4,8g  
  • O-rings

    High quality acetal o-rings suitable for tents, backpacks, etc. 4 different sizes (inner diameter): 8mm / 0.3g (fits glove hook) 13mm / 1g (fits T-bar) 20mm / 1.6g 25mm /1.7g
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  • Safety webbing 25mm

    High tensile strength, suitable for hammock suspension. Width 25mm, Polyester. Color: Black (photo is a bit over exposed) 19g/m
  • Sewing machine needles Microtex 70, 80, 90, 100

    Fits most household sewing machines with a flat shank (130/705H). The “Microtex” sewing machine needle with flat shanks is especially suitable for processing super-fine, modern materials such as microfibres, polyester, coated materials or fabrics with a high amount of fibres. … Read More
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  • Gütermann Mara 70 thread 700m

    A high quality all-around thread. Suitable for most of your projects. 700m 3 colors to choose from. Recommended needle size: NM 90-100 / 14-16 Looking for stronger thread? Try Gütermann Tera 60
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  • Springless cord locks

    Springless cordlocks 1 – Ultralight springless cordlock, suitable for ultralight applications, fits cords up to 3mm. Weighs only 0.3g 2 – Big springless cordlock for cords up to 4mm. Weight 0.8g 3 – Double springless cordlock, fits two 3-4mm cords, … Read More
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  • 3mm elacstic cord

    3mm elastic cord black/red/yellow 7g/m
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