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    3mm Evazote® sleeping pad 0,5x2m

    Evazote is one of the best quality closed cell foams on the market. Can be used as an ultralight sleeping pad. Density: 50kg/m3 (EV50) Size: 0,5x2m Thickness: 3mm Weight: 135g   We have a few evazote foam sheets of 2nd quality … Read More
    From: 12,48
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    #8 locking zipper slider coyote brown

    #8 locking zipper slider in coyote brown color. Compatible with #8 zipper coil
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    #8 non locking zipper slider coyote brown

    #8 non locking zipper slider in coyote brown color. Compatible with #8 zipper coil
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    #8 Zipper coyote brown

    #8 Zipper in Coyote brown color. Price per meter. Sliders not included! Compatible sliders: Non locking sliders Locking sliders Additional 20% discount over 5m, will be automatically applied in the cart.
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    1.7mm polyester cord aqua color

    1.7mm polyester cord in aqua color. Works well with micro line-loks Good choice for tents/tarps if you can handle the color 🙂 best quality cord with core 16 plait 2,1g/m Price per meter.
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    420D Ripstop Nylon PU

    15% off orders above 3m. Automatically applies at checkout. 420D Ripstop nylon fabric with PU coating and DWR finish. Suitable for durable backpacks and reinforcements. Black, Red, Blue colors available 190 g/m2 Usable width: 155cm Price per meter.
    From: 7,90
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    20mm aluminium g-hook

    20mm aluminium g-hook buckle Weight: 5,5g
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    25mm D-ring coyote

    25mm D-ring in coyote brown color. Weight: 3g We also have it in black color here.
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    25mm MOLLE/PALS buckle coyote

    Quick attach buckle for MOLLE/PALS system. Attaches to any 25mm webbing in two directions. Weight: 11,8g Available also in black color
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    3D spacer mesh fabric 3mm slight 2nds

    We received a new version of the 3D spacer mesh fabric, a little softer than the old one and a bit lighter. Thickness about 3mm. Ideal for backpack straps. Price per meter. Quality: Slight 2nds -there is a line on … Read More
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    400D Oxford Nylon PU coated

    400D oxford nylon fabric with PU coating. Great price / performance value! Used by a famous brand (leftover stock). PFC free DWR. HH: 1000mm Available colors: Dark red/greyish blue Weight: 190gsm Usable width:152cm
    From: 5,90
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    400D Velocity Nylon PU coated

    400D velocity nylon fabric with PU coating. Great price / performance value! Used by a famous brand (leftover stock). PFC free DWR. HH: 1000mm Available colors: Water blue/ Dark grey Weight: 200gsm Usable width: 152cm
    From: 6,90
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    420D reflective fabric

    420D nylon fabric with reflective stripes. 150cm usable width 160 gsm thin pu coating to prevent fraying Price per meter. Also available in small 50x73cm pieces here.
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    500D PU Nylon Pencott® GreenZone

    500D nylon in Pencott® GreenZone camouflage pattern. DWR+PU Coated Weight: 240gsm Usable width: 151cm This is factory 2nds. Fabric quality and coating is ok but the print is not 100% accurate (still a pretty good match) and is therefore sold … Read More
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    600D Polyester Ripstop Fabric

    600D Polyester Ripstop Fabric. One side thin PU Coating Water repellent This 2nd batch has a little thinner PU coating and is therefore softer. 271GSM Usable width:  147cm Color Black Price per meter.
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    Cordlock coyote

    High quality cord lock in coyote brown colour with option to attach it to 6mm webbing .
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    ECOPAK™ EPX200

    Ecopak™ EPX is a new series of waterproof fabrics for backpacks made out of 100% recycled polyester finished with pfc free DWR. Similar to Xpac, this fabric is a laminate of: 200D face fabric, 45° CrossPly, 70D white ripstop fabric. … Read More
    From: 22,41
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    Heavy duty side relase buckle with auto cam 25mm Coyote

    Durable buckle equipped with automatic cam lock. Pull up the lever to release the tension. Fits 25mm webbing Easy to adjust Color Coyote Very high breaking force: 155kg Weight: 20,5g Available also in Black color.
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    Lining Mesh

    Soft mesh for pocket lining. Available in grey color. 125 gsm Width: 152cm
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    Liteskin® LS42

    Liteskin® LS42 laminate, suitable for backpacks. Non-Woven Polyester with pigmented polyester resin face fabric + 420D white polyester backing Color: Black Heather 234 g/m² Width: 139cm Price per meter.
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    Nylon webbing coyote brown 40mm

    Nylon Webbing in coyote brown color made with military standards. IRR Width: 40mm Weight: 34 g/m Thickness: 1.2mm Price per meter.
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    PVC Coated Polyester Mesh

    PVC coated polyester mesh is suitable for a variety of outdoor products. Can be used for shoulder straps or other parts of the backpack where air venting is needed. Weight: 380 GSM Color: Black Width: 119cm Price per meter. Also … Read More
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    Quick release pouch buckle coyote

    Quick release spanish buckle in Coyote brown color. Base can be easily sewn to the pouch. Buckle opens with a simple pull. Weight: 10,1g  
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    Side release buckle coyote

    High quality side release buckle in coyote color. Good tensile strength. 20mm /56kg 25mm /81kg 38mm /94kg
    From: 0,89
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    Soft Mesh

    Lightweight polyester mesh for backpack pockets. Quite stretchy in all directions. If you need a more durable mesh we recommend our heavier one instead. 100gsm Width: 152 cm Available after 17.8.2020
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    Sternum buckle coyote

    Quick attach sternum buckle in coyote brown color. Fits 20/25mm webbing Best quality
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    Tension lock with hole coyote

    High quality tension lock with hole in coyote brown colour. Fits 25mm webbing Best quality
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    Thicker polyamide webbing 10/20mm

    Very strong polyamide webbing. Thicker than our other 10mm webbing. Works well with buckles. Width: 10mm or 20mm Thickness: ~1,25mm Weight: 7g/m or 14g/m Price per meter.
    From: 0,59
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    20D silpoly ripstop X-Wide

    Silpoly in the extra wide configuration. We have Gütermann Mara 70 thread in matching colors (brown/green)! Click here 20D silpoly in ripstop weave. Because of characteristics very suitable for tarps, tents, pack covers and other rain gear. Compared to silnylon … Read More
    From: 8,90
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    X-Pac™ V07

    X-Pac™ V07 Laminated fabric For light weight backpacks. This is the same fabric as VX07 but without the X pattern. 70D nylon face + 0.25 mil PET film + 50D white polyester backing Black color 160 g/m² Width: 140cm Price … Read More
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    X-Pac™ X21

    X-Pac™ X21 Laminated fabric For lightweight backpacks 210D nylon face+ polyester X-PLY® + 0.5 mil PET film Black/Slate grey 150 g/m² Width: Grey: 137cm, Black: 149cm Black color is wider and pfc free Price per meter.  
    From: 22,90
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    Stretch mesh fabric

    High quality mesh fabric from company that produces fabric for the biggest outdoor brands. Widely used for backpack production (pockets, etc.). Price per meter. Spandex/polyester blend Very stretchy in x direction (length), slight stretch in y (width) Color: black, dark … Read More
    From: 8,34
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    210D PU diamond ripstop polyester

    An additional 15% off orders above 3m. Automatically applies at checkout. 210D PU coated polyester. Suitable for backpacks etc. HH 4000mm Usable width: 145cm Color: black 130 GSM  
    From: 7,40
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    #3 Zipper open end 182-224cm

    High quality #3 YKK open end zippers suitable for sleeping bags or full zippered quilts. Sizes: 182cm/20.3g 195cm/21.6g 209cm/22.8g 224cm/24.4g  
    From: 3,90
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    10D Fabric Silicone BLACK

    Price per meter. If you want to buy it by increments of 10cm please buy here 10D silicone coated taffeta fabric suitable for low-stress applications such as vapor barrier liners etc. HH: 800-1000mm Very lightweight 27 g/m2 One layer of silicone on … Read More
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    Line lock buckle cord/cord

    For 3mm cords, works also with some 2.5mm cords 2.7g
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    Micro cord end

    Very small two-piece cord end. For 2.5-3mm cord 0.35g  
    From: 0,15