Fabrics without coating, suitable for all applications where high breatability is needed. Garments, hammocks, sleeping bags, quilts etc.

Most of them are finished with DWR (Durable Water Repellent).

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  • 20D ripstop nylon soft

    Uncalendered ripstop nylon fabric suitable for hammocks, etc. 20D Color: black Weight: ~38gsm Very breathable Usable width: 151 cm  
  • 50D hiking pants fabric

    100% polyester made so it stetches in 2 directions. Very suitable for clothing such as lightweight hiking pants, etc. Bi-stretch without spandex Nice cotton-like feeling 87 GSM Very breathable Usable width: 144cm Available colors: Red-orange Grey Black Price per meter. … Read More
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  • 10D ripstop fabric

    Best qualtiy 10D nylon fabric that was made to our desired specs. In comparison to our 10D taffeta fabric, this one has a better tear strength due to ripstop weave but it is also a little heavier. We also opted … Read More
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  • 40D downproof double ripstop nylon

    Good quality 40D nylon double ripstop fabric suitable for a bit more durable but still lightweight sleeping bags, garments, etc. Color: Purple Weight: ~58 GSM Usable width: 148cm DWR (Durable Water Repellant) finish Price per meter.
  • 40D downproof ripstop nylon

    Good quality 40D nylon ripstop fabric suitable for a bit more durable but still lightweight sleeping bags, garments, etc. This particular fabric meets all the criteria for the Austrian army. Color: Coyote brown and black Weight: 58 GSM DWR (Durable … Read More
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  • 75D Polyester ripstop fabric XL

    This 75D Polyester diamond ripstop fabric is extra wide, usable width of 190cm! It has a digital print on one side, the other side is white. Weight: 70 gsm Great choice for wide comfortable hammocks!   If you are looking … Read More
  • 7D ripstop fabric soft

    This 7D ripstop fabric is more breathable and has more pleasant feel against the skin than any of our other ultralight fabrics. As such is especially suitable for inner fabric of ultralight synthetic sleeping bags, quilts, insulated clothing, inner tent … Read More
  • 7x4D downproof nylon fabric

    Top of the line ultralight downproof fabric. 7D yarn in warp direction and 4D +20D ripstop strands in weft direction. With only 18 GSM it’s one of the lightest downproof fabrics available on the market today. Tear resistance is comparable … Read More
  • 10D Fabric

    Price per meter. If you want to buy it by increments of 10cm please buy here Very high quality 10D fabric, widely used in the US. 22 g/m2 / 0.66 OZ taffeta Good DWR finish Downproof Highly breathable Usable width 146-148cm Colors … Read More
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  • Sale!

    10D fabric 2nds/ leftovers crimson

    2nd grade 10D fabric. Crimson red with visual imperfections: discoloration, lines and dots along the length. Price is per meter. Other than the stated mistakes the fabric is great! Downproof and DWR Fabric width: 146cm 22g/sqm  
  • Sale!

    10D fabric 2nds/leftovers

    Fabric leftovers and fabrics with some slight imperfections or damage. Sometimes the fabric is without mistakes but it’s from the end of the roll and contains folds/wrinkles and some debris. Discount is from 20-50% compared to the first quality fabric. … Read More
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  • 20D micro ripstop nylon

    Good quality breathable micro-ripstop nylon. -Downproof+DWR -Usable width: 148-149cm -Weight: 39g/m^2 -Color: steel grey/black Price per meter.
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  • 70D ripstop nylon

    Uncoated, very breathable 70D ripstop nylon. DWR finish. Suitable for hammocks etc. Weight: 70 gsm Width: 150cm Color: Black Price per meter. If you are looking PU coated Waterproof 70D ripstop nylon then check our fabric here.