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  • 3mm Evazote® sleeping pad 0,5x2m

    Evazote is one of the best quality closed cell foams on the market. Can be used as an ultralight sleeping pad. Density: 50kg/m3 (EV50) Size: 0,5x2m Thickness: 3mm Weight: 135g   Sometimes we have a few evazote foam sheets of 2nd … Read More
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  • High density PU foam – small piece

    High density PU with open cell structure-breathable. In our opinion this is the best foam for shoulder straps and other padding. Will not squish over time. Highly breathable due to open cell structure. Can be easily bonded to TPU coated … Read More
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  • Evazote® EV50 3mm 1x2m

    Evazote® EV50 sheet in 3mm thickness 1x2m. Density: 50kg/m3 Size: not less than 1x2m Available also in 0,5x2m 0,5×0,5m If other bulky products are ordered in addition to the foam it will be folded in half lengthwise and rolled. There … Read More
  • Evazote® EV50 3/6/9mm small piece

    Evazote®  is best quality closed cell foam suitable for backpack straps, padding, etc. Excellent compression recovery. Density: 50kg/m3 Size: about 50x50cm
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