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Shoulder straps B-grade


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Shoulder straps are usually the most challenging part of the backpack for most MYOG crafters.

They are quite time consuming, challenging to tailor, and hard to sew if you only have a regular domestic sewing machine.

This is why we decided to offer premade shoulder strap pairs.


  • 6mm high quality PU foam (will not squish over time and will last a lifetime)
  • Dyneema gridstop upper fabric
  • Durable softshell on the bottom
  • All layers are bonded together
  • High quality 20mm tension lock
  • 130g/pair

This item is a B-grade prototype with a few flaws:

  • Daisy chain is flat so we recommend you don’t install any hardware on it. Sternum strap has to be attached by webbing going around the strap.
  • Fabric orientation on the left and right shoulder strap is not exactly the identical
  • Daisy chain bartacks are slightly off (left strap is not 100% symetric to the right, can be roughly +/-1cm)




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