Medium weight (100-200 g/m2)

ECOPAK™ Ultra EPL400


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Ecopak™ EPL Ultra is a new series of waterproof fabrics for backpacks made out of  woven UHMWPE and recycled polyester blend laminated to 0.5mil RUV recycled film. This is one of the stongest backpack laminates for its weight currently on the market. EPL400 is a Good choice for durable lightweight packs.

  • The woven fabric is 67% UHMWPE and 33% Repreve recycled polyester.
  • The proprietary Challenge RUV recycled film backing is 100% recycled and 97% UV Resistant.
  • Every yard of ECOPAK™ saves over one pound of CO2, compared to Nylon pack fabric.
  • ECOPAK™ contains no harmful TPU, PVC, DWR or other coatings.
  • CO2 emissions from manufacturing this recycled polyester are 50% lower than Nylon, 38% lower than virgin film, comparable to organic cotton.

Color: Midnight blue

Weight: 158 gsm

Width: 142cm

Price per meter.


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