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Dyneema Zipper by the meter


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High quality molded tooth zipper reinforced with Dyneema®, size #6.

It was developed in order to match specific military application needs. Unlike other molded type zippers this one has each individual tooth sewn to the tape.

The teeth are made from a very flexible material which is then connected to the tape by Dyneema® thread, protected in the groove of the teeth. Thanks to this design, extra lateral strength and better overall performance can be obtained. Its functionality remains uncompromised even when opened under prohibitive stress.

  • The use of Dyneema® fibers this zipper can achieve the highest cross-pull resistance.
  • Zipper will survive 50.000+ cycles (EN16732:2015). For comparison, the top performing zippers in the market with much bigger chain sizes can reach about 10.000 cycles before failure.
  • Perfect performance under sudden changes of temperatures, shocks and rubbing.
  • The shape of the teeth makes it for soft sliding and a smooth touch
  • Size #6 – Teeth width: 6,2mm
  • Tape width: 35mm
  • Weight: 18g/m
  • Sold by the meter.
  • Made in EU
  • No sliders included, only tape!

There are two types of compatible sliders:

Important notice: when you cut the zipper, there is a risk of unstitching of the teeth unless you fix the thread with a zipper stop or simply burn it a bit.
It is a small drawback that you have to be aware of.


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