Climashield Apex 133 by 10cm increments


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Price per 10cm! It will be sent in one continuous piece.

One of the best synthetic insulations available.

  • 133g/m2
  • Width 150cm
  • Temperature rating 5°C

Competitive insulation technologies are almost exclusively made from cut fibers, meaning the fiber strands are extremely short. This requires expensive quilting techniques and/or use of non-value added scrims in order to prevent clumping and separation.  Moreover, laundering performance is poor, significantly impacting the thermal performance and shortening the life cycle of the final product. 

In comparison, Climashield products require minimal to no quilting contingent upon article design and can be laundered repeatedly with no deterioration in thermal performance.  


Please note it’s normal for this insulation to have creases, folds, and overlaps and it is not 100% homogenous. Weight can also vary up to 5-10%. We cut it from the roll we use for our own production and consider it 1st quality. In case we have 2nd quality to sell, we will list it here together with the leftovers.


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