#8 waterproof zipper by the meter


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High quality patented waterproof zipper -with a molded tpu in between the zipper teeth so the zipper is actually rated waterproof (hydrostatic head 50mm for 5min) and not just water-repellent like other zippers. This zipper is also woven-in type which means the teeth are being attached to the tape in the proces of weaving rather then attaching it afterwards. This really increases abrasion resistance and the teeth are also thiner. There is a little more pulling force needed compared to normal zippers, you can lubricate them with silicone spray for best performance.
In our experience those zippers work better than YKK aquaguard. They are being used by some big outdoor brands like Salomon, Vaude, Lowe, POC…
Available colors:
  • Black tape with yellow covered teeth (matte)
  • Dark grey tape with black covered teeth (matte)
  • All black (matte)
Weight: 33g/m


Price per meter.

Sliders are not included, this is zipper tape only

Not compatible with YKK or other brands! Compatible sliders are only those below:


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