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    #3 Zipper open end 182-224cm

    High quality #3 YKK open end zippers suitable for sleeping bags or full zippered quilts. Sizes: 182cm/20.3g 195cm/21.6g 209cm/22.8g 224cm/24.4g  
    From: 3,90
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    1.7mm polyester cord aqua color

    1.7mm polyester cord in aqua color. Works well with micro line-loks Good choice for tents/tarps if you can handle the color 🙂 best quality cord with core 16 plait 2,1g/m Price per meter.
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    10d fabric leftovers and 2nds

    Fabric leftovers and fabrics with some slight imperfections or damage Sometimes the fabric is without mistakes but it is from the end of the roll and it contains folds/wrinkles and some debris. Discount is from 20-50% compared to the first … Read More
    From: 9,40
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    10D Fabric Silicone BLACK

    Price per meter. If you want to buy it by increments of 10cm please buy here 10D silicone coated taffeta fabric suitable for low-stress applications such as vapor barrier liners etc. HH: 800-1000mm Very lightweight 27 g/m2 One layer of silicone on … Read More
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    210D PU diamond ripstop polyester

    15% off orders above 3m. Automatically applies at checkout. 210D PU coated polyester. Suitable for backpacks etc. HH 4000mm Usable width: 145cm Color: black 130 GSM  
    From: 7,40
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    420D Ripstop Nylon PU

    15% off orders above 3m. Automatically applies at checkout. 420D Ripstop nylon fabric with PU coating and DWR finish. Suitable for durable backpacks and reinforcements. Black, Red, Blue colors available 190 g/m2 Usable width: 155cm Price per meter.
    From: 11,40
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    70D PU ripstop nylon

    70D PU coated nylon. Suitable for lightweight backpacks, backpack lining, accessories, etc. HH 2000mm Usable width: 147cm Color: Charcoal grey 70 GSM We have two options: Normal quality 2nd quality fabric has some coating imperfections, still waterproof but with occasional … Read More
    From: 5,90
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    Climashield Apex leftovers

    Leftovers with discount. Climashield insulation is strong enough to be sewn together (eg. when making quilt with different weight filling for legs/torso). All items are considered 1st quality unless otherwise specified. Those leftovers are usually from the end of the … Read More
    From: 7,00
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    Line lock buckle cord/cord

    For 3mm cords, works also with some 2.5mm cords 2.7g
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    Micro cord end

    Very small two-piece cord end. For 2.5-3mm cord 0.35g  
    From: 0,15