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  • 20D ripstop nylon soft

    Uncalendered ripstop nylon fabric suitable for hammocks, etc. 20D Color: black Weight: ~38gsm Very breathable  
  • 2.1 mm Dyneema with polyester cover

    Best quality polyester cord with Dyneema core. Great for tent, tarp guylines Thickness 2.1mm Dyneema® SK78 core 32 Plait polyester cover High strength with low extension Improved longevity Hard wearing cover Black or Neon color 3g/m Price per meter.
    From: 0,84
  • 20D silpoly recycled

    100% recycled 20D silpoly in micro ripstop weave. Because of characteristics very suitable for lightweight tarps, tents, pack covers and other rain gear. Compared to silnylon it has lower water absorption, less stretch/sag, better UV protection. Price per meter. Color: … Read More
  • 3mm polyester cord

    3mm polyester cord we use with our line lock buckles such as this one. 16 plait Best quality black sheath with white core 6 g/m Price per meter.
    From: 0,55
  • 40D double ripstop nylon 6.6

    40D double ripstop nylon 6.6 (high tenacity). Color: Olive green Weight: 56-59gsm Usable width: 157cm   Good weight/durability ratio. This fabric is great for hammocks or durable synthetic sleeping bags/quilts.  
  • 4mm polyester cord

    8 plait polyester cord in black color. 9g/m Price per meter.
  • 75D Polyester ripstop fabric XL

    This 75D Polyester diamond ripstop fabric is extra wide, usable width of 190cm! It has a digital print on one side, the other side is white. Weight: 70 gsm Great choice for wide comfortable hammocks!   If you are looking … Read More
  • Classic tension lock

    High quality tension lock, classic design. 12mm (0,9g) 15mm (1,8g) 20mm (3,7g) 25mm (4,1g)
    From: 0,44
  • Spliceable 100% UHMWPE cord

    High quality 100% UHMWPE cord (Dyneema like). Great for hammock use -whoopie slings, soft shackles etc. Due to low friction of the cord, we do not recommend using tensioners with it. Spliceable. Available in 1mm, 2mm and 3mm diameter High … Read More
    From: 0,64
  • 20D micro ripstop nylon

    Good quality breathable micro-ripstop nylon. -Downproof+DWR -Usable width: 148-149cm -Weight: 39g/m^2 -Color: steel grey/black Price per meter.
    From: 8,40
  • 70D ripstop nylon

    Uncoated, very breathable 70D ripstop nylon. DWR finish. Suitable for hammocks etc. Weight: 70 gsm Width: 150cm Color: Black Price per meter. If you are looking PU coated Waterproof 70D ripstop nylon then check our fabric here.
  • Micro aluminium carabiner

    Good quality accessory carabiner! Wire gate Anodized Small size: 40x24mm Very lightweight at 3g 20kg+ 1 piece = 1,9€ 6 pcs or more = 1,62€ (use coupon Microbiner for discount) Not for climbing…
  • Mini plastic wiregate carabiner

    Mini plastic accesorry carabiner, great attachment point for your gear. According to our tests it holds 20kg+ static load 56x35mm 4,8g  
  • O-rings

    High quality acetal o-rings suitable for tents, backpacks, etc. 4 different sizes (inner diameter): 8mm / 0.3g (fits glove hook) 13mm / 1g (fits T-bar) 20mm / 1.6g 25mm /1.7g
    From: 0,19
  • Safety webbing 25mm

    High tensile strength, suitable for hammock suspension. Width 25mm, Polyester. Color: Black (photo is a bit over exposed) 19g/m Price is per meter.
  • Safety webbing 30mm

    High tensile strength, suitable for hammock suspension. Width 30mm, Polyester. Color: Black (photo is a bit over exposed) 25g/m Price is per meter.
  • Sewing machine needles Microtex 70, 80, 90, 100

    Fits most household sewing machines with a flat shank (130/705H). The “Microtex” sewing machine needle with flat shanks is especially suitable for processing super-fine, modern materials such as microfibres, polyester, coated materials or fabrics with a high amount of fibres. … Read More
    From: 3,59
  • Gütermann Mara 70 thread 700m

    A high quality all-around thread. Suitable for most of your projects. 700m Recommended needle size: NM 90-100 / 14-16 Looking for stronger thread? Try Gütermann Tera 60
    From: 3,99
  • Gütermann Mara 70 thread 700m Water Repellent Finish

    A high quality all-around thread. Suitable for most of your projects. With water repellent finish. Length: 700m Color: Black Recommended needle size: NM 90-100 / 14-16 Special hydrophobic finish prevents the capillary action of water going through the thread at … Read More
  • Springless cord locks

    Springless cordlocks: 1 – Ultralight springless cordlock, suitable for ultralight applications, fits cords up to 3mm. Weighs only 0.3g 2 – Big springless cordlock for cords up to 4mm. Weight 0.8g 3 – Double springless cordlock, fits two 3-4mm cords, … Read More
    From: 0,39
  • 3mm elastic cord

    3mm elastic cord black/red/yellow/coyote brown 6-7g/m Price per meter. Thickness might vary from batch to batch, at the moment the thickness is about 2.5mm  
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