Leftovers and B grade fabrics

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    10D fabric 2nd grade

    The issues are cosmetic (thin stripes of barely visible discoloration along the entire length of the fabric, see picture for a detailed view) Tear strenght, breathability, weight and other non cosmetic qualites are the same as our 1st grade fabric, … Read More
  • Ecopak EPX200 2nd grade

    By ordering 1 item you will get 1m of EPX200, by ordering 2 items we can’t guarantee a continuous cut. If you need one piece write it in the comment when ordering and we will see what we can do. … Read More
  • Ecopak EPX200 SMALL leftovers/2nd grade

    By ordering 1 item you will get several leftovers of EPX200 in different random colors. Total is at least 1,42 m2 Minimum size of the leftover is 30x128cm Total you will get at least 1,42 m2  of fabric  Quality: We created 4 … Read More
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    Other LIGHTWEIGHT fabric leftovers/2nds

    Various fabric leftovers or 2nd grade quality fabric. Ultralight and lightweight fabrics (up to 150g/m2) For heavyweight leftovers see HERE Available fabrics are listed below, you can order the corresponding fabric in the drop down menu by matching it with … Read More
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    10D fabric 2nds/leftovers

    Fabric leftovers and fabrics with some slight imperfections or damage. Sometimes the fabric is without mistakes but it’s from the end of the roll and contains folds/wrinkles and some debris. A grade: Fabric as new/leftovers. A – grade: 99% of … Read More
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    Climashield Apex Leftovers

    Leftovers with discount. Climashield insulation is strong enough to be sewn together (eg. when making quilt with different weight filling for legs/torso). All items are considered 1st quality unless otherwise specified. Those leftovers are usually from the end of the … Read More