All kinds of mesh fabrics.

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  • 3d hex mesh

    Polyester 3D mesh commonly found on various running backpacks. For shoulder straps or any other applications where good ventilation is needed. Weight: 405 GSM Thickness: ~2mm Color: Black Width: 140cm Price per meter. Also available as as small piece: Here. … Read More
  • 3D spacer mesh fabric 3mm

    3D spacer mesh fabric thickness about 3mm. Ideal for backpack straps. Price per meter. Width: 150cm Weight: 350-360gsm Color: black (photos are a bit overexposed) This item is quite bulky and heavy which quickly adds to shipping cost. If you … Read More
  • Durable Soft Mesh

    This polyester mesh is very durable for its weight. Also quite stretchy in all directions. Perfect choice for backpack pockets if you prefer 100% polyester mesh over spandex one. 140gsm Width: 152 cm Color: black Price per meter.  
  • Heavy duty mesh fabric

    Very strong and durable 100% polyester mesh fabric. Weight: 350 GSM Usable width: 153cm Color: black Price per meter.
  • Lining Mesh

    Soft mesh for pocket lining. Available in grey color. 125 gsm Width: 152cm
  • PVC Coated Polyester Mesh

    PVC coated polyester mesh is suitable for a variety of outdoor products. Can be used for shoulder straps or other parts of the backpack where air venting is needed. Weight: 380 GSM Color: Black Width: 119cm Price per meter. Also … Read More
  • Soft Mesh

    Lightweight polyester mesh for backpack pockets. Quite stretchy in all directions. If you need a more durable mesh we recommend our heavier one instead. 100gsm Width: 152 cm Available after 17.8.2020
  • Stretch mesh fabric

    If you want to buy small piece of 50x56cm you can do it here Very high quality mesh fabric from company that produces fabric for the biggest outdoor brands. Widely used for backpack production (pockets, etc.). Price per meter. spandex/polyester … Read More
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