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This is industrial adhesive tape that can be used to bond certain type of fabrics, zippers etc.

2023 version has improved bonding properties and paper backing instead of plastic one.

Adhesive is transparent, PU based with paper backing tape. It sticks well to PU and TPU coated fabric. It also sticks to fabric with good texture.

You need to apply it in 3 steps:

  1. Attach it to the first fabric piece using temperature setting 150-200°C
  2. Remove the paper backing tape
  3. Attach the second fabric piece with the same heat setting

For best results try to apply hand pressure.

Width: 10mm

Adhesive softening point: 104°C

Price per meter.

Try iron settings and fabric compatibility on some scrap fabric before applying it to your project!



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  1. Klemens Ullmann-Marx (preverjena stranka)

    Tested it on a bit of PU coated nylon: pretty strong on PU coating side, lower adhesion on non coated side.

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