1.3mm Dyneema with polyester cover

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Best quality polyester cord with Dyneema core. Great for tent, tarp guylines. Works well with mini line-loks.

  • Dyneema® SK78 core
  • 32 Plait polyester cover
  • High strength with low extension
  • Improved longevity
  • Hard wearing cover
  • Black with white flecks
  • 1,2g/m

Price per meter.

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  1. Zach Heindl (preverjena stranka)

    This is exactly what I needed to guy out my Hammock and tarp. I am using this line with the mini Line Locs as suggested. When Im finished, each tie out will only weigh approx. 4.34g or less!!! Thats 26g (0.919oz) for 6 tie outs…..Impressive!

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