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10d fabric leftovers and 2nds

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Fabric leftovers and fabrics with some slight imperfections or damage

Sometimes the fabric is without mistakes but it is from the end of the roll and it contains folds/wrinkles and some debris.

Discount is from 20-50% compared to the first quality fabric.

10D fabric taffeta:

  1. Forest green 190cm folds/wrinkles and a few black discoloured dots on the side of the fabric
  2. Forest green 200cm a few discoloured lines across the fabric
  3. Forest green 180cm roll end (folds/wrinkles/debris)
  4. Yellow 350m a few small black discoloured dots on the fabric and some damage near the end of the fabric (about 310cm still ok)
  5. Yellow 215cm a few small barely visible dots on the fabric.
  6. Crimson Red 240cm barely visible discoloured line that goes across the length of the fabric
  7. Crimson red 325cm roll end (folds/wrinkles/debris)
  8. Crimson red 177cm a few slightly discoloured lines and dots
  9. Crimson red 206cm 2 small discolored black dots
  10. Forest green 190cm some discoloured black dots on the side of the fabric, folds
  11. Crimson red -sold by the meter (several meters with a some slightly discoloured lines and black dots) – fabric otherwise good!

Other than the stated mistakes the fabric is great! Downproof and DWR

Fabric width: 146cm


Width: 146cm


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