Leftovers/2nd grade

10D fabric 2nds/leftovers

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Fabric leftovers and fabrics with some slight imperfections or damage.

Sometimes the fabric is without mistakes but it’s from the end of the roll and contains folds/wrinkles and some debris.

Discount is from 20-50% compared to the first quality fabric.

10D fabric taffeta:

  • Forest green 213cm (end of the roll)
  • Charcoal grey 200cm (damaged fabric at least half of it is usable)
  • Crimson red 177cm (a few black or discolored dots and lines)
  • Charcoal grey 110cm (end of the roll)
  • Charcoal grey 100cm (wrinkles)
  • Burnt orange 250cm (one small dot in the middle of fabric)
  • Red orange 235cm (end of the roll)
  • Moroccan blue 145cm (end of the roll)
  • Moroccan blue 90cm (damaged, with a lot of errors, suitable for smaller pieces)
  • Forest green 92cm (end of the roll)
  • Burnt orange 75cm (wrinkles)
  • Spectra yellow 165cm (end of the roll)
  • Spectra yellow 115cm (small brown dot)
  • Forest green 75cm (end of the roll)
  • Black 84cm (end of the roll)
  • Forest green 200cm (discolored line)
  • Charcoal grey 400cm (barely visible line)

Other than the stated mistakes the fabric is great! Downproof and DWR

Fabric width: 146cm




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